Sohjoa Baltic brought robot bus pilots to Latvia in 2020

Sohjoa Baltic carried over 16K Europeans during robot bus pilots Project brought the automated small electric shuttles for the first time to Poland in September 2019 and to Latvia in August-September 2020. The #video on project’s #Youtube channel encapsulates the insights gained during the two robot bus pilots in Zemgales Plānošanas reģions / Zemgale Planning […]

Implementation of connected and automated vehicles into society

in the front stone pavement, in the middle an automated electric shuttle, in the background clear blue sky

Transport automation is constantly advancing in society: every year an increasing number of self-driving pilots are organised, while car manufacturers push out new vehicles that utilise automation technology. Still, the near-future implementations of services operated with self-driving vehicles have received little attention in the scientific literature. Project planner Janne Olin from Forum Virium Helsinki studied […]

Final Publications are here

Sohjoa Baltic’s The Roadmap to Automated Electric Shuttles in Public Transport is a publication series of five volumes which shares information on self-driving public transport and practical experiences from the robot bus trials from the Baltic Sea Region, collected during the project in 2017-2020 in eight countries in the Baltic Sea region. Sohjoa Baltic project […]

Legal Framework of Automated Driving in the Baltic Sea Region

The upcoming years are crucial to the development of automated driving in Europe. The automated (developing to autonomous) technology has great potential to serve the public interest by improving the environmental sustainability of traffic and making transit safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Sohjoa Baltic project has researched, promoted, and piloted from 2017 onwards the […]

Pilot in Tallinn continues 2020

From Friday 12th June, Sohjoa Baltic’s long-term open traffic robot bus pilot in Estonia is finally running again! During the summer 2020, project partners Tallinn Transport Department and Tallinn University of Technology plan to operate the bus until end of August. The first long-term open traffic robot bus pilot in Estonia by Sohjoa Baltic was […]

Autonomous public transport webinar 10th June 2020

The Autonomous public transport webinar hosted by Forum Virium Helsinki and the Sohjoa Baltic project focuses on autonomous public transport on European level. How to ensure the role of smart mobility solutions in our cities? Join us to hear keynotes from experts, researchers and city officials providing facts and visions for the people designing the […]

State of The Art of Automated Buses Published

Sohjoa Baltic studied the State of the Art of automated buses with project’s experts and researchers from Baltic Sea Region with dr Mauro Bellone from Chalmers University. The paper is peer-reviewed and published in Sustainability Journal (vol 10, issue 9). Working towards emission-free transportation, the state of the art study provides a review of the impact […]

Hankepartnerit koolla Tanskassa

Sohjoa Baltic on Metropolia Ammattikorkeakoulun vetämä, Interreg Baltic Sea Region -rahoitusta saava kansainvälinen hanke. Sohjoa Balticin tavoitteena on tutkia, kuinka automaattiset, vähäpäästöiset minibussit voisivat tulla joukkoliikennekäyttöön Itämeren ympärysvaltioiden kaupunkien kaduille. Hanke käynnistyi marraskuussa 2017 ja sen puitteissa on muun muassa tehty vertailevaa tutkimusta liikenteeseen liittyvästä lainsäädännöstä Saksan ja Suomen välillä, kyselytutkimusta osallistuvien kaupunkien tavoitteista, sekä […]

Pilot City Survey Results Out

The automated public transport systems have great potential in solving many of the challenges faced by millions of travellers today. In order to optimally benefit from the new technologies, the strategic goals of the cities and the cities’ current problems need to be recognised. Sohjoa Baltic project partner FLOU from Finland conducted a survey. Findings show, that cities’s […]