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Core findings of the Joint Legal Implementation Roadmap for Finland and Germany

Sohjoa Baltic project partners TRAFI, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and IKEM, the Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility in Germany analysed the most relevant areas of law for the implementation of automated minibuses in urban public transport in order to create a Legal Implementation Roadmap for Finland and Germany.

The comparative law analysis took under scrutiny the legislation areas of Car registration law, Passenger transportation law, Personal legal requirements for the vehicle operator, Data protection law, Liability law and Criminal law.

There are similarities and differences in all fields of law regarding automated driving.

For example, in both countries a regular car registration cannot be issued due to the non-compliance of automated driverless vehicles with international and national law; technical regulations require vehicles to have a steering wheel and mechanical breaks, items an automated vehicle usually does not have.

This very informative comparative law analysis and its interesting findings are found in a presentation.