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Project Meeting in Kongsberg

The Sohjoa Baltic project partners are meeting on Thursday 15th Nov, 2018 in Kongsberg, Norway. The project is now in its busiest phase as in Kongsberg the long trial has begun, yet tendering and routing for Tallinn and Helsinki trials and small scale trials in Gdansk, Vejle and Zemgale are getting closer. Additionally, the desktop research in form of Baltic Sea Region legal implementation roadmap for autonomous driving is being edited towards publishable version. Also, the planning a passenger survey for trials is taking place.

With new technologies, the knowledge-sharing needs also practical experience. This morning the City of Gdansk delegates took a ride in Kongsberg and found out, how it actually feels. Many practical questions rose. Local steward explained the vehicle’s features. This show-and-tell type of learning method is necessary in order to gain perspective and foresee, how the robotbus will manage in each participating city’s real life traffic conditions. It might even effect the route planning choices.