Sohjoa Baltic



Sohjoa Baltic researches, promotes and pilots automated driverless electric minibuses as part of the public transport chain, especially for the first/last mile connectivity.

The project brings knowledge and competence on organizing environmentally friendly and smart automated public transport. It also provides guidelines on legal and organizational setup needed for running such a service in an
efficient way.

Sohjoa Baltic consortium has partners from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Norway and Denmark with area and public transportation planning expertise as well as legal expertise combined with strong technical understanding which are the requirements for enabling autonomous traffic.

Sohjoa Baltic brings autonomous small buses to drive demo routes in six Baltic Sea Region cities in the following years.

Autonomous bus drives along its route like a lift. It scans its surroundings and knows when to slow down or stop completely, if there are obstacles in the way. During the pilots there is always an operator on board, like there used to be one inside a lift when they were introduced.

The Sohjoa Baltic project is funded from Interreg – Baltic Sea Region programme.

Budget 3,8 MEur
BSR Interreg  2,8 MEur

Oct 2017 – Sept 2020

Demo sites
~1 yr: Helsinki, Tallinn, Kongsberg
~1 mo: Vejle, Gdansk, Zemgale


Our Project Partners are located in eight European countries around Baltic Sea.


Project Manager
Azat Ismailogullari / azat.ismailogullari @ metropolia.fi  / +358 40 637 7357

Communications Manager
Milla Åman Kyyrö / milla.amankyyro @ metropolia.fi / +358 50 342 0341

Financial Manager
Ulla-Maija Pekkola / ulla-maija.pekkola @ metropolia.fi